In-Home Care assistance for Veterans in Georgia

Veterans and their surviving spouses can qualify for up to $2,200 per month to help pay for an aide in their home.

Our fathers, mothers, and friends may be eligible for a unique benefit via the Veterans Administration (VA) called “Aid and Attendance.” The benefit can provide up to $2,200 per month to Veterans and their spouses who need non-medical care/assistance to help them with activities of daily living in their home or chosen place of residence. There are currently over 15 million Veterans who are believed could qualify for this benefit and only 3% of them are currently taking advantage of it – mainly because most don’t know it exists or they’ve been inaccurately told by the VA that they don’t qualify.

Veteran Benefit Requirements

  • They are over age 65.

  • They are a Veteran, a spouse of a living Veteran, or a surviving spouse of a Veteran.

  • The Veteran served as “Active Military” status for 90 days during an approved time of war: WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War.

  • The Veteran had an honorable discharge.

  • The Veteran or surviving spouse meets income requirements.

  • The Veteran, spouse of a living Veteran, or surviving spouse of a Veteran needs assistance with bathing, grooming, meal preparation, etc. on a regular basis in order to stay independent in their home or chosen place of residence.

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A Ten Year Wait?

900,000 VA Claims filed at local VA Offices are waiting up to 10 years for a decision

See how a CBS News Investigation on local VA Regional Offices uncovered how VA employees “hide” benefit applications in cabinets for years to reduce their workload.

VA Accredited Benefits Agents

Get the Help You Need.

Our VA Accredited Benefits Agents can help Veterans and their spouses apply for this benefit from the comfort of their own home and get approved 99.5% of the time within 2-5 months. Going to a local VA Regional Office to apply will most likely result in many trips to the VA Office, long lines, and waiting up to 10 years to get a decision on their application that 2/3 of the time will statistically be a “benefit denial.”

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