Does fatigue set in because of inactivity, or does inactivity set in because of fatigue? Either way, fatigue and low energy levels for seniors aren’t to be taken lightly. Low energy can lead to other conditions, such as depression and obesity.

If the senior in your life is experiencing fatigue, we have found five proven ways that seniors can boost their energy levels – that don’t involve coffee or chocolate! Let’s take a look.

5 Ways for Seniors to Boost Their Energy

1. Drink plenty of water.

Once someone is thirsty, they’re already dehydrated. And, since dehydration slows down our metabolism, our energy level slows down with it.

To combat this, many health experts recommend that seniors target drinking eight glasses of water every day. Also important – incorporate foods with higher water content into their diet, like leafy green vegetables and many fruits.

2. Exercise the brain.

When people aren’t actively thinking, the brain can go into hibernation mode, lowering our energy level. Plenty of research has proven that engaging in activities such as puzzles, cards, checkers, chess, and other fun games stimulates the brain and boosts our energy level.

Games can be played with others, or apps can be downloaded that are designed to keep the brain healthy and engaged. And a side benefit of exercising the brain – memory improvement.

3. Socialize.

Hour after hour, sitting alone can cause a senior to become lethargic. Stimulating conversation, dancing, playing cards or games with others, participating in a book club, and volunteering are just a few of the many ways seniors can enjoy being out and about.

Seniors who are active socially are happier and more upbeat than those who are reclusive and inactive. If you can’t be with them to socialize in person, a simple phone call can lift their spirits and raise their energy level.

4. Start a new hobby.

Many seniors learned during the pandemic that hobbies that relieve stress and boredom can be started safely from the comfort of their homes. Taking online classes, cooking, and gardening are just a few of the many hobbies seniors can enjoy. Having something to get excited about every day will boost a senior’s energy level every time.

5. Eat right.

Need an energy boost? A high-protein diet may be just what the doctor ordered. Protein takes longer to break down in our bodies, which helps us feel energetic for more extended periods of time. Some excellent protein-rich foods seniors can enjoy include chicken, turkey, tuna, eggs, and even spinach.

Bonus tip for boosting the energy level: reduce or eliminate nicotine and alcohol. Both of these habits can negatively affect a senior’s physical and mental health, which will zap their energy. On the other hand, that new hobby with their friends will occupy their minds and hands, reducing the temptation to turn elsewhere for stimulation.

We Can Help Keep Seniors’ Energy Level Up!

Companionship for seniors is one of the services Epsilon Home Based Quality Care provides. Whether it be playing a game of cards together, sharing in a senior’s hobby, sitting and talking, or preparing a meal together, our caregivers love spending time with seniors.

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